Correct The Records Formation

Correct the Record was spun out from American Bridge in May of this year and is now a separate legal business. After being allegedly hacked by Russian intelligence operatives, Clinton campaign lawyer Marc Elias prepared a document expressing confidence that Correct the Record and the Clinton campaign could lawfully coordinate. The memo was made public after it was purportedly leaked by the hackers. Campaigns are prohibited from working with super PACs under FEC laws.

Coordination could be allowed under FEC regulations because Correct the Record’s messages aren’t “public communications,” the committee said. Campaign and super PAC were able to work together after all because of the FEC’s final decision.

An accusation of campaign financing law violations was brought against Correct the Record in 2016 by the left-wing Campaign Legal Center. It’s a “brazen attempt to undercut the campaign finance laws,” an attorney with the organisation said. Correct the Record personnel were also accused of doing opposition research, training surrogates, pitching stories to journalists, and leading “quick reaction” activities on behalf of the Clinton campaign, according to the article…………………………………… The accusations were refuted by Correct the Record.

Correct the Record has gotten away with breaking campaign financing regulations before. Correct the Record was able to secure free airtime for an anti-Donald Trump video in May of that year on cable news channels around the country. It produced videos, but exclusively shared them on its own website and social media pages, never anywhere else. This was a “charade,” according to Campaign Legal Center attorney Paul S. Ryan, who said the committee’s actions were “illegal” and “absurd” since they took advantage of the internet exemption designed specifically for campaign volunteers and bloggers.

Federal Election Commission (FEC) has been sued by conservative nonprofit Patriots Foundation on August 13, 2020, for failing to act on an earlier complaint it had made against political strategist David Brock and four of his organisations in April. It was also alleged that David Brock had illegally coordinated with Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign through the employment of Correct the Record, American Bridge 21st Century, and the American Bridge Foundation.

In an email obtained by WikiLeaks, Clinton press secretary Nick Merrill discusses utilising Correct the Record (CtR) and Media Matters for America (MMFA) to counter a Vanity Fair piece criticizm of Clinton vice chair Huma Abedin. As stated in the email, “We have MMFA, CtR, and core surrogates lined up, which we can expand on tomorrow……” Shortly thereafter, Media Matters penned an essay in response to Vanity Fair’s indictment.

The pro-Clinton group, Hillary for America, contributed $275,615 of the $8.5 million in donations collected by Correct the Record during the 2016 election campaign. Correct the Record believes it may escape the coordination restriction by relying on a 2006 FEC regulation that defined anything put online for free, like as blogs, to be exempt from regulation.”

“The ‘Internet exemption’ declared that such free postings do not constitute campaign expenditures, allowing independent groups to engage with candidates about the information they post on their sites,” the document added. “The PAC spent money on polling and other operations that don’t constitute communications.”

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