How to Use your Motorbike for Essential Travel while on Lockdown

By | April 25, 2020

The CODVID-19 pandemic has made us store our motorcycles in storage. “Stay at home, self-quarantine, practice social distancing,” are words that have been repeated over and over again. Different regions have different public mandates but social-distancing remains key. Essential travel is allowed so why not use your bike for these limited travels. For instance, a prescription warrants a trip to the pharmacy.

Gear up to protect yourself from casual exposure. I mean put your helmet on, bodysuit, leather gloves, make sure you abide by all the rules given at this time. If you don’t have either, you can order them online from any motorcycle parts dealer.  I have found riding to have a very salubrious effect on my mental health with the social-distancing measures. It’s a stressful time but a little throttle therapy goes a long way in calming your mind.

In some areas, I understand you have to show proof of why you have to travel. Have the necessary documents ready. Whenever you remove your gloves to touch something, remember to sanitize your hands before putting them back. So how do you prepare your bike for the essential run?

Prepare your cargo carrying capacity

Well, bikes can’t carry packs of toilet paper and other bulky items as they have limited cargo capacity. You can get saddlebags, detachable soft bags, or magnetic tank bags for sports bikes. You can also go for a backpack but be mindful of the additional weight on your body.

Avoid contact with people

Swinging at the gas station is a necessary evil that you have to do from time to time. With coronavirus, it’s important to pay using your credit card instead of using cash to prepay. However, be mindful of the available credit. It’s crunch time you don’t want to restrict the credit available to you. Always carry sanitizer, wipes and some gloves with you. Wear the gloves before you operate the pump and once you’re done, throw them in the trash bin.

Clean your bike and gear

When you get back home, disinfect your bike and gear. You can check the techniques and materials that CDC suggests for disinfecting your helmet, gloves, and phone. Use water and soap to wash your hands and face and regularly wash your helmet liner and gloves. If you have a leather gear, use a bleach solution to disinfect by wiping them.

I have never seen the roads as deserted as they have been for the past one month. As you ride, remember to practice social-distancing, wash your hands, and sanitize. Otherwise, remember your sanity matters and this too shall pass.