Tricks and Lies: RNC Continues Campaign of Desperation…Sound Familiar?

The right wing continued their campaign of desperation and dirty tricks today, the latest in a run of attacks by Republicans, who are so terrified about a hypothetical Hillary Clinton candidacy that they will say and do anything it takes.

LIES: This week, Republican political operators tried to circulate a vicious rumour that Hillary Clinton has brain damage as a result of an injury that they previously accused her of fake. They just can’t keep their lies straight.

TRICKS: With the release of a new research memo titled “Reliving Hillary’s History: DNC Fundraising Scandals During The Clinton Presidency,” the Republicans are trying to trick the public into believing that this attack from the ‘90s is new – but the American people are smarter than the Republicans think and refuse to fall for their tricks.

TRUTH: This is old news that, unlike the paper it’s printed on, can’t merely be recycled and made fresh again. It was much ado about nothing when it was news two decades ago, and it’s surely not news anymore.

The hearings investigating 1996 funding were placed “on indefinite pause because of a lack of public and political support and a lack of critical witnesses and evidence, according to [former Senator Fred] Thompson. ‘I will not be convening hearings merely for the sake of having hearings,’ Thompson added. ” Republicans sought “to use the hearings to ruin Clinton, Gore and the Democratic Party.” [The Houston Chronicle, 11/01/97].

Sound familiar? The Republicans are adopting those same dirty techniques today. They evidently have nothing better in their armoury to deploy, or else they wouldn’t have to resort to these desperate, dirty techniques and lies.

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